Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Where does time go?  I cannot believe it has been over a week since I posted. 
Jeff and I did get some distrurbing news last Monday so I am blaming that for not posting. 
We found out our son is scheduled for delpoyment to Afghanistan in November.  He was getting married December 1st!! All those plans now need to be changed.  I think they have it all worked out now. 
We knew he might get delpoyed and he told us to prepare ourselves, but it still was difficult to hear.  I know he is well trained and can handle anything that comes up.  I hope his friend Harley goes to, just so I know someone I trust has my son's back and vice versa.
I am so proud of Spec. 4 Hardesty!  I love you Nathan!!!

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  1. That is upsetting news! Your son, Nathan, is very handsome and I can see a lot of you in him, Carol. You must be proud of him, but how difficult to know he is being sent to Afghanistan, right before his wedding, no less.