Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is here whether we're ready for it or not.  The flowering trees & bushes are beautiful.  I just hope we don't get a late frost.

I was at the ironing board waiting for the iron to heat up and looked out the window.  Look what I saw!
Even though it was taken through the screen, it is beautiful.  This was planted 1989 in honor of my daughter, Amanda.  No Mo Chemo!  Both Amanda and the forsythia are doing great!

I used to have an old whiskey barrel in the yard for flowers.  It was full of Johnny-Jump-Ups.  Over the years, the barrel fell apart and the flower seeds blew in the wind.  Walking from the studio to the house, I found the first one of the season.

I few years back I planted 12 daffodil bulbs.  They have multiplied and now make a nice row near the fence.  They are so rich in color this year.  Another one of my favorite flowers.

Today will be another day in the 80's, about 30 degrees above normal.  Thunderstorms tomorrow and in the 60's for the weekend.  Here is my corner of the world, we take it day by day.
Hope everyone can get out and enjoy the day.

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