Monday, April 30, 2012

More California Fun Fabrics!

There are still more pictures of my recent trip to San Francisco.  On my last full day there Keegan & Amanda took me to 'Mendel's' on the corner of Haight & Ashbury.  We all know about the Haight/Ashbury district! 
Mendel's is a very different place.  When I first walked in I thought I was going to be disappointed, but Keegan pointed out the fabrics were in the back of the store.  Full steam ahead!
I was amazed at the very 'far out' fabrics they had, but I was impressed with the amount of Alexander Henry Fabrics.  Wow!  I know I would NEVER find some of them here in Ohio.  Needless to say, I helped the California economy.

When they made toile fabric, I don't think this is what they had in mind!

It was just too cool not to purchase some. 

The next fabric I found was just as interesting and had to have it too. 
This is part of the 'Day of the Dead' collection by Alexander Henry.

These next fabrics just crack me up.  I love the skeleton drinking beer!

I have no idea what I will ever make out of these fabrics, but I really enjoy laughing at them!

Once I found these fabrics, I was on the hunt for more unusual fabrics that I would not be able to find around here.

 Enter 'The Ghastlies'

I love the expression on the cat's face!

The Knitty Biddy's!  Aren't they a hoot?  Once again, I have no idea what I will make out of them.  Just had to have them.

On a calmer note, I found some Art Deco type fabric by Alexander Henry and bought some of it too.  It's really tame compared to the previous pictures!

The fabric on the right is really a beautiful pink, then turquoise and white.

We all know that happy cows come from California.....

One last fabric photo.  I bought a different colorway of this fabric.

My trip was wonderful and I am still so happy to have had the opportunity to go.  I can hardly wait til next year!!!!


  1. I love seeing these fabrics again. My son, Adam, would like that Art Deco fabric . . . can't wait for our Zig-Zag class day!