Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Cycle Complete!

I have completed another exercise cycle and started the new one!
I am going to up my miles to 3 miles two or three times a week.  On the day I don't run, I will ride my bicycle 60 minutes.  It is getting difficult to get a bike ride in since it gets dark so early. 
I really enjoy the 3 mile run. 
The other day I saw a neighbor in the store and she said, "I see you and your husband running past the house."  I said, "I only run out that way when Jeff is with me, otherwise I run around town."  She said. "You are way behind him."  I about fell over.  I thought she was going to offer encouragement, but instead burst my bubble.  I didn't think fast enough to say, "I'm passing you!"  OK, I am just too nice to say that to her.
On the other hand, I saw a gentleman we ran with in October and he asked how I was doing.  Now, he is a half marathon runner, and was happy I was up to 3 miles!  THAT made my day!!

I took last week off from running to give my body a rest.  I wanted to start again today, but yesterday & this morning I've got a pounding headache.  Maybe if I drink enough coffee it will be better.  I also don't think the weather is going to cooperate today.  Rain, rain, rain.  I wish it was SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!

May only happiness enter through your door this week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

No Show/Thursday Quilting

I am unable to show you the beautiful quilts I finished the other day.  I can however show you some of the quilting!
I quilted this with pink thread and used the Waterworld pantograph. 

Yesterday Momma Barb came over and finished piecing her scrappy quilt top.  I pieced this quilt earlier this year..

...and Barb loved it.  Here is her version!

She still wants to add an inner and outer border but we have to go shopping to find them!  Darn!  Barb used 2 1/2" squares from her stash. 

I have been following a mystery quilt project (not Bonnie's) and figured out the first block.  Boy!  I hope it's right!

I just love this star.  It was piecing intense, but worth it.  The setting block has quite a few options, so I'm going to wait and see what they suggest.

Bridget and Kay also made it outin the evening for sewing and friendship.  I love Thursdays!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jelly Roll Christmas

     This is what I worked on today!

Gina made these Jelly Roll quilts for her daughters.  Yes, they are twins!

I did a free motion swirl on this one with parchment thread.

I quilted this one with a loopie meander with parchment thread. 

I have the quilt for tomorrow loaded and ready to go.  It will be another swirly design. 
Almost done with Christmas orders......Saturday is my self imposed deadline.  I think I'll make it!

For Mary...

  My friend Mary is home sick and needs some pretty pictures to look at.  Here you go Mary!

* This quilt was pieced by Sharon for her Son.  It is very modern.

I quilted it with the Tendrils pantograph in white, pearl, dolphin & granite thread.  The thread goes in color order with the quilt.  I only used white & pearl thread on the back.

*Look what I got to quilt!  I thought of all my blogger friends that have done this quilt while I was quilting this.  This was done by Linda.  I love it!

Linda always has me small meander her quilts.  This was done with white thread.

*Carol pieced this quilt.  I really like the initial added in the blocks.  This looks like it was made with a jelly roll.

Quilted with the Waterworld pantograph and parchment thread.

You can probably tell the lighting and surrounding are different than in previous photos.  I have moved my quilting machine back into my house.  We don't use our lower living room (since the children are out of the house) so we decided to save money heating the studio building by utilizing this space as a quilting room.  It is smaller than the space in my studio, but I will get used to it. 

I will still use my studio for QBees days and classes!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clients Quilts

     I have been busy quilting clients quilts, but haven't had time to post them.  I hope to remedy that tonight!

     *This quilt is from Kay.  She always does beautiful work and allows me to pick the thread color.  She embroiders one block as the label.  This is a simple four patch set with a square.  The fabrics are beautiful.

I quilted this using the popcorn pantograph with oyster colored thread.

    *Barb made this "I Spy" quilt for her granddaughter.  She has made 3 of them and although they are all "I Spy" quilts, they are all different. 

Here are some of the conversation prints Barb used.

Barb is a Nurse and found this cute fabric!

I meandered the quilt with yellow thread and I always quilt the child's name in the quilt! 

One they can easily find, one they really have to look for!

     *Gina made this Atkinson Design for her new granddaughter.  It is very modern and I love the outer border!

This was quilted in a loopie meander with parchment thread.

And Yes!  Her name was quilted also!!

     Barb finished this cute pinwheel quilt for her newest granddaughter who lives in Colorado!  This proved to be a little challenging until we figured out the best way to lay the pinwheels for piecing.  The pinwheels are dimensional!! 

This was quilted with white thread with a girly swirly meander.

I can just picture the baby playing on this quilt and grabbing those pinwheels!  It makes me happy!

     Momma Barb made this "Jelly Roll Race" quilt using her scrap 2 1/2" strips.  There was no rhyme or reason, she just grabbed and sewed!  Or should I say rolled!

I quilted this using the tendrils pantograph with a burgundy thread.

I have been busy, but have a lot more quiting to get done!  I don't know when I'll find time to quilt some of my quilts! 

Hope you all have a good evening!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Veggie Fabrics

     A friend gave me her stash of veggie fabrics so I  made these "Market Bags."

I have made a total of 6 and the 6th one is made with the leftovers.  Of course, I like it the best.  I followed the instructions on the one on the left, but didn't like the way the handles came out.  My handle version is on the right.

     My wonderful son-in-law, Keegan, loves blueberries!!!  I keep telling him he's going to turn blue one of these days! 

I made him this pillowcase for his birthday with fabric I bought at Britex while out in San Fran visiting earlier this year. 

That's all the fruits & veggies for now! 
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Quilting With The QBees!

    There is no better way to spend a Saturday than with the people who you feel the most connection to.  This is how I feel about all the QBees.  My QBees, quilting buddies, are the best and some of the most talented women I have ever met. 
    Gladys, Michelle & Mitzi came all the way from Kent, Gina from Newcomerstown, Momma Barb from 'clear out in the boonies' and Barb from Dover.  I only had to walk across the front yard!

    Gina made this adorable log cabin pumpkin for Halloween.  She said she made a mistake.  Can you find it?  That's what I thought.  Relax Gina and enjoy the process!!

This was the first time Gina worked with very small pieces.  She now has a new respect for Momma Barb who is working on a Snake River Log Cabin.

     Momma Barb worked on a "No Sew Throw" with puppies and polka dots.  She also worked on "10 Minute Tablerunners" and some crocheting.

Momma Barb's sweatshirt says, "Life's too short, Eat dessert first".  There is a story about that :)

    Mitzi worked on a "Dr. Seuss Grinch" quilt.  I love the Grinch!  Here is Mitzi trimming the preprinted blocks to fit with the tree blocks!

     Michelle made a beautiful Colorado Log Cabin for her sister.  I didn't get a photo of it, but if you go to  you will be able to see it.  Michelle was working on quilting a wall hanging for her daughter.  It's all about Coffee!

And sometimes we just have to stop and service our machine!

     Barb arrived a little later than the rest, but still had time to work on this very bright quilt.  It is hard to believe it is a Thimbleberries pattern due to the fabric selection.  We QBees think it is beautiful!  When it is complete I'll post a photo.  There is one more border to go!

       I worked on this quilt out of the "Livin' Large" book.  This is the second one of this pattern.  I had troubles with the first one and was determined to get it right this time.  I haven't taken a photo of the first one yet, but I will. 
      The fabric for this quilt mostly came out of my stash.  I only bought the black for the centers and the grey for the sashing, which I ran out of.  Instead of holding up production, I used a different gray in a grey block and went with it.  "X" marks the spot!!

I also found 6 yards of backing fabric in my stash and had just enough of the outer border to make binding.  I love when that happens.  I can finally see my stash decreasing!!!

  We all just love having time together.  We are trying to meet once a month either here or at another QBees house.  We may sew/quilt, go to a quilt show, shop...I guess whatever we feel the need to do.  I am just so happy to have this group of friends.  I think maybe we should do a weekend retreat someday!

    I am so blessed to have this wonderful studio to offer to everyone.  The old ping pong table is raised to the perfect height for cutting.  There is enough seating for 8 QBees, lots of windows and lights.  If you look in the photo above this one, you will see the other tables.
     As you can see, Gladys is at the ironing board.  I cannot post any pictures of her projects in case a relative views the blog!
    Thank you QBees for a wonderful day!  I can hardly wait until next month!   November 10th! 

Friday, October 5, 2012


I love harvest time in my corner of the planet.  I took this photo of the combine as it was picking the field across from the house.  I think it's pretty awesome! 
I thought of Christa ( when I took it.  Enjoy!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I know I will :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     Here is the photo of my version of the Watermelon Shuffle.  I think it looks like bulldozer treads and therefore call it CAT Tracks.

After seeing this pattern on line, I thought, "who needs a jelly roll"?  I dug into my 3 drawer containers of 2 1/2" strips and decided RED was going to be the color I used.  As you can see, there is a wide variety of 'red' in this top.

The background fabric came out of my stash.  I also found backing fabric with enough for binding in my stash too!  I love when that happens! 
I am excited to get this one quilted.  My friend Pam saw this a few weeks ago and has since made one also.  I'll post pictures once it is quilted.  Of course her quilt will be quilted before mine :) 

I think this would be beautiful in any color combination you can think of.  Look in my previous post for the link.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  It's cool, crisp and clear in O-H-I-O!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Watermelon Shuffle

I was talking with a quilter on Friday @ Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH.
The name of the pattern I was telling you about is Watermelon Shuffle .  If you go to and look through the Free Patterns, you will find it.

I'll post a picture of my quilt tomorrow.  I used red 2 1/2" strips and a background fabric from my stash. 
It was so nice talking with you!

Friday, August 31, 2012

They're Beautiful!

Jeff hasn't been feeling very well this week, so he bought ME roses!

Thanks honey!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm On A Roll!

Boy!  It feels so good to be productive.  It also feels so good to feel so good!

These are the quilts I quilted on Wednesday. 

I don't know the name of this pattern, but it makes a nice child's quilt.  It works great with all those cute conversational prints.  You do have to be careful if your fabric is directional.  Gina did a great job on this quilt.  I did a loopie meander with Lime thread. 

Here is a close up of the block.

Frogs, turtles, lizards caterpillars.  All those creepy crawly things children love to touch!!

I would love to cuddle under this quilt.
This is an all flannel quilt (backing too!) that Kay made for her sister.  It has a dimensional first border that I had to be careful not to quilt down. 

This block is so simple, but made a beautiful quilt.  The block is one light/one dark 2 1/2" x 4 1/2and one light/one dark 2 1/2" square." rectangles  

I am sure you can set this in many different combinations.  This quilt was meandered using Mother Goose thread! 

Wednesday I also accomplished...getting the kitchen cleaned, making the bed, mailing two other quilts, making copies of designs (no, I didn't find the folder, but luckily I had saved it on the computer), went on a 8.64 mile bicycle ride, made dinner and went to choir practice.  Wow!  What a Day!!
I can hardly wait to see what today brings :)