Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When my children were growing up, we always read the book, "And the Snow Kept Falling."  Yesterday was that kind of day.  It started out slow and not sticking, but around 3:00 p.m. it started to accumulate and make driving a challenge.  I had no trouble on the roads, but saw two cars in the ditch on my way home.  I was never so happy to be home, safe and sound.

This is what we woke up to this morning! 
All the schools are cancelled which gives everyone an extended holiday vacation.  Our local school districts take the Monday after Thanksgiving off for Deer Gun Season! 
It's wonderful living in the country!

 Taken from my breezeway.

 That is ICE on the road!!

Gus just loves the snow. 

 Such a silly dog!  He has been whining all day to go outside.

 It is just so beautiful.  Of course I don't have to go out in it if I don't want to.  I think I'll stay in and make ginger snap cookies!

These last two photos were taken from my kitchen window.  It is a very snowy wintry day in my corner of Coshocton County.
The chili is in the crock pot and I found a recipe for gluten free cornbread.  I'll give it a try after the cookies are done.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers!  I am grateful for your support and friendship.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last Weeks Photos

Here we are at another QBee Thursday and I have not gotten around to posting last weeks photos. 

Here you go!

Gladys made this quilt for her son Earl.  Earl has the best sweet corn I have ever eaten!.  This was a Thimbleberrie quilt kit out of flannel.  I think I could curl up under it.

It is quilted with  the Simplicity Pantograph with Baguette thread.

Gladys worked on the backing for her Grinch quilt.  I love how she matched up the pattern.

Momma Barb is working on this quilt for her son-in-law Ron, who would be Barbie's husband.  Here it is without borders.

Adding the borders and pressing...

and, top complete!

MommaBarb will be looking for backing this weekend!

Momma Barb continues to work on the border blocks for her Snake River quilt.  She thought she only needed 24, but realized she was making the queen size and needed 32.   No worries, they are done!

Gina's granddaughter will be having a birthday soon.  She made this adorable Hungry Caterpillar quilt! 

I quilted this with a freehand loopie meander using white thread. 

OK, this is what I am working on now.  You know I love Bonnie Hunter and all the wonderful patterns she has to offer.  All of us who follow her blog, know her brother has had surgery for a brain tumor.  Bonnie frantically pieced a Scrappy Majestic Mountain quilt for him.  Knowing I had a Rubbermaid  container full of homespun fabric I knew I would have to make one too!

Here is the container AFTER I was done cutting out the squares need for the quilt.  I don't know why I didn't take a BEFORE picture :(

My choices for the quilt.

I will admit it took me three tries to get this block right.  It really helps if you read the directions.

I am using one background fabric because there is enough of it.

All the square stacked with background and cut on the diagonal.  All ready for sewing to commence.  I think this is a interesting picture.

While cutting for SMM, I cut squares for another Rag Quilt, not a no sew throw as I had said before.  You all knew what I was talking about though!  I have the perfect recipient for it too!  There is still a few more pieces of yardage to take care of.

When all was said and done, these are the trimmed leftovers.  I have an idea for a quilt to use these pieces up too.  Too many ideas, too little time.

I am looking forward to another delightful day with the QBees.  The heat is on!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Important Things In Life

Sewing the SGT. stripes on your son's dress uniform.......Priceless!

Thank You to all the Veterans who have proudly served our country in war and peace times. 
Happy Veterans Day

Thursday, November 7, 2013

QBee Thursday

Good Morning!

I am looking forward to another wonderful day with the QBees.  It's always fun to see what everyone is working on.
Today I have a new idea in my head that I want to try, using a charm pack.
Pictures will follow later this evening!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Clients Quilts

Here are some of the beautiful quilts I have had the honor of quilting for clients over the last 2 months.  I'll try to give the name of the pantograph or which meandering effect I chose.  I use only 100% cotton Signature Thread so I include the name of that color thread.

This beautiful quilt was pieced by Janet.  I did this one so long ago, I cannot remember what I quilted on it.  I think it was meandered.  I see Gus!

This was such a beautiful quilt and all done in batiks!


This one belongs to Kay.  It was quilted with a Stars & Loops design with Dusty Blue thread.

Gina made this quilt for her daughter.  It is Bricks & Mortar.  It is quilted with the Clover Meadow design using Pearl thread.

Here are a couple more quilt tops made by Gina. 


Here are a few of the quilts Momma Barb has been working on.  I cannot believe the amount of quilts she gets done. 
Once she saw the Flag Quilt I made, she knew she would have to make one.!
This was quilted with the Simplicity pantograph because it makes it look like it is blowing in the breeze with Star Gold thread. 
Momma Barb has been workingf or 2 years on Snake River.  Here is what she has accomplished!
This is the body of the quilt before it was sewn together.  It was like putting a puzzle together as the instructions only gave the layout for a twin and Momma was making a queen size. 
The next border was a pieced white one.  Here Momma Barb is, counting and sorting the cut pieces. is the quilt with the borders attached!
Those legs/feet belong to Momma Barb, Barbie and Gina (with no shoes!)
About 3:00 in the afternoon, we need a coffee boost.  I have been buying my coffee from Vail Mountain Coffee for about 3 years now.  I love it!! 
I have started using a brass filter instead of the paper ones and the oils don't get absorbed, but flow straight through for a wonderful cup of coffee.
Notice the Jim Shore tray!
Gladys and Momma Barb enjoying Mountain Meadow Coffee!
We have so much fun on our QBee Day.  I hope someday each of you will be able to join us!

Friday, November 1, 2013

QBee Thursday

There has been a lot of piecing going on at our weekly QBee sessions!

Gladys is reading the instructions for a new project she is working on.  Doesn't she look intense?  She said she really needed to use her brain and thinking this hard made it hurt!

Kay has been piecing a beautiful scrap quilt.  Kay only stays a few hours, and confessed to me she comes for show and tell!   She is making progress with this project.  Kay celebrated her birthday on Saturday by attending a quilt show with her daughters. 

As you can see by the expression on Bridget's face, she is determined to get this piece of the quilt cut correctly.  This project has a Jim Shore panel and Bridget surrounded it with different quilt blocks.  Bridget works without a pattern and can see it in her head.  She was trying to explain an element of this quilt to me, but I couldn't see it.  She had to draw me a picture!   This is being made for a special friend.

 Here is one of the latest stash quilts I have put together.  This pattern is based on a floor of a restaurant Jeff and I ate in not too long ago.  We were looking at the floor and decided it would make a great quilt top and you would be able to use a jelly roll.  You would also be able to use your 2 1/2" scrapes!

I didn't use a jelly roll, because I found a box with the correct sized pieces!  How lucky can one girl get! In that box I also found pieces to be made into 4 patch blocks and another pieced blocked.  I could not for the life of me remember what they were there for, but there was also a very large piece of black RJR Handsprayed fabric.   Hmmm...I think this may have been.......
After I got this quilt pieced, I was digging in the box and found the name of the quilt it was supposed to be.  A Bonnie Hunter Mystery!!!  Well, I guess that one won't get made, but I have made 3 quilts out of the pieces from that box. 
I do not like purple, and had a difficult time trying to fall in love with this.  I found the setting fabric in my stash and began to like it better.  Once I got the outer borders on (also fabric from my stash) I realized it was a pretty quilt and I think a lavender thread with an allover design will make it a lovely quilt for someone. 
Gladys told me her favorite color was purple.  Is that a hint?
This is what we were up to this past week.  I have more photos of past weeks to get posted too.  I cannot believe it is the first of November already.  This year has gone by quickly. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taking Time

I am so thankful that Gladys from has time to blog.  I just can't seem to find the time to write.  I have been very busy, and so much has happened in the past month.  I promise to sit and tell you all about it soon and post a lot of photos. 

To be continued......

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Girl's Gotta Do....

As I was merrily quilting along today the light fell off my quilting machine!  Not a good thing to happen.  So I fixed it right quick and continued on my quilting way!

After all, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 
I have since fixed the problem, but broke the light bulb while taking it out.  Glad I was done quilting for the day. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Final Shop...Calico Cupboard

We knew it would be a long drive home from Fabric Shack so we decided we would stop in Pataskala, OH at Calico Cupboard.

This shop sits off SR 16 in a small shopping plaza.  It is warm and inviting when you enter and the staff treats you like they have know you for years.   Oh wait, I have known them for years :)

There is a wonderful selection of fabrics.....

They have a huge selection of threads and patterns!

Oh and look what we found!  An electric sewing machine that has been converted to treadle!

 Calico Cupboard has a huge spacious classroom.  They offer a variety of classes sure to suit everyone.

Here we are in the classroom, all enjoying a cup of coffee!  Thank you Sherri for a wonderful visit!

OK, another 45 minutes and we should be home but who wants to cook?  Not Barbie or I so we call out husbands and have them meet us in Coshocton for dinner. 

Barbie and her hubby, Ron.

After dinner we had the waitress take this photo.  Wow!  I look like I have driven 345 miles!

Good food, good friends, good conversations....priceless.

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful group of ladies in my life.  They each have a special place in my heart and I love spending time with them. 
I am looking forward to doing this again next year.  How about we do this in Oregon and then hit the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show? 

Thank you QBees for a wonderful weekend!