Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UFO Update

I have completed the UFO's on the January list for the Get It Done Challenge.  I had them done two weeks ago, but was without my desktop while remodeling was and continues to go on at my house!  More on that later....

Here are all the complete projects!
Pillowcase for Keegan (FYI, my daughter and son-in-law live on a sailboat!)  Mug rug quilted & bound and the quilt for Christie who is fighting breast cancer.  She has a wonderful attitude and continues to fight the fight.

I just LOVE the pattern on this quilt.  It was one I had recently purchased and this gave me a chance to use it.  It is Hyacinth Grande pantograph and I used pink thread. 

Mug rug complete with mug.  I collect cows and Amanda bought me this mug to add to my collection.  I use it everyday!  I don't need a mug rug, because I don't have a snack (ie: cookies) with my coffee or tea.  Maybe I can get Jeff to use it!

GET IT DONE Projects For February

1.  Quilt Jeff's Colorado Quilt
2.  Bind Jeff's Colorado Quilt
3.  Piece Rolling Nine Patch Veterans Quilt
4.  Bind Cancer Donation Quilt

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Challenge

This year Judy over at is hosting the GET IT DONE! challenge.  Each month you are to post 4 quilting related things you would like to accomplish.  I think this might work better for me as I can cut the projects down into simpler steps.  At then end of each month, we will post and you will be able to see whether we got it done or not!

My Get It Done List for January

1. Quilt this Hidden Spools quilt.  I am using one of my new pantographs and using pink thread.

2.  Bind and label the aforementioned quilt.

3.  Quilt and bind this mug rug.

4.  Make my son-in-law Keegan a pillowcase out of this fabric.

Wish me luck!

I also want to wish all my blogger friends a Happy New Year!  Thank you also for allowing me to entertain you with the silly things that are my life.

Look Who Came To Visit!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Jeff and I moved my quilting machine back over to our house.  One thing I missed when my machine was in the studio was our cat, Othello.

She came down to the lower level and made herself at home.  As you can see, Gus was with me too!  I just love those two crazy animals!!

A few years ago I was making hot pads for everyone.  I mostly used extra quilt blocks, put in two layers of Insul-brite (so they could be used either side), quilted them and bound them.  I never finished a set for me.  The other day Bev was over showing me how she was doing her hot pads.  I got out my old ones and was totally embarrassed.  I thew them away.  Finished mine and wondered why it took so long.  I guess I just needed someone to shame me into it!
Aren't they cute?  I did not put any loops on them on purpose.  Those loops always seem to end up in whatever I'm taking out of the oven.  They work great!

Time To Catch Up!

I think it is about time to catch up on all the projects I've been working on or got done the last month of 2012.  Some of the photos I could not post until they were given as gifts.  Hope you enjoy the show!

*This quilt was made by Bev (who is also our choir director) for her newest grandson Brody.  It is the same pattern as the one she made for Riley but used different colors.

 I meandered this quilt using white thread.  I attached the brown binding by machine and  Bev hand turned it.

*This T-shirt quilt was made by Rama.  I think this is her second or third one I have quilted. 
It was quilted in a meander with a blue-ish grey thread.  This was a Christmas gift!

*Gladys (from made the following quilt and wall hanging.  The quilt was for her granddaughter and I posted a picture of the quilting but could not post the whole quilt.  Here it is!

I quilted this using the Waterworld pantograph and pink thread.  This quilt pattern is the Double Slice pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and uses a layer cake!

*If I remember correctly, Gladys made this for her sister.  Gladys bought the kit while on a vacation with Momma Barb.  I have never seen such lovely Magnolias on fabric.

Quilted with the Clover Meadow pantograph and oyster thread.
The Dawes Arboretum in Newark Ohio has a grove of Magnolia trees.  I really need to make an effort to see them when they are in full bloom.

*My daughter-in-law Kirstie made this quilt for her Mom.  It was a Jelly Roll Race quilt and she added the accent block.  Melinda's house is decorated in Americana decor.

The backing is a very nice flannel and Kirstie chose the Stars & Loops pantograph.  We thought the red, white & blue variegated thread was perfect!

*Kirstie is married to my youngest son Nathan.  They were married July 28th and we had a winter wonderland wedding!  Their original wedding date was December 1st, but Nathan received deployment orders and the date had to be changed.
Kirstie wanted to make Nathan a quilt to take with him to Afghanistan.  Kirstie chose all the fabrics, designed the quilt, made photo blocks and then called on her favorite Mother-in-law to help her get it done in time for Christmas!!  When I went over to help Kirstie with the quilt, she only had 8 of the 28 blocks done.  In one afternoon, we got the blocks made and set into rows.
I really love this quilt and I was more than happy to be involved in its making.
I meandered the quilt using Mother Goose thread.  I attached the binding .......

..and Kirstie helped hand turn it.  Report was that Nathan loved it and was able to pack it!

There, I am up-to-date on the quilted projects!  On to the next block......