Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilt of Valor Quilts

This past week while Jeff was working on the deck I have been busy quilting 'Quilt of Valor' quilts.
These two quilts were pieced by Jan from Columbus, OH.  Even though these are sorts 'scrappy', they are just beautiful.  Thank You Jan for your precise piecing!!

This first one was quilted using Lime Green thread and the Simplicity pantograph.
Isn't it beautiful?  I want to make one and have started sorting my 1 1/2" strips!

The second is made out of the same blocks only set differently. 
It was quilted with White Thread using the Tendrils pantograph.
Now which one do I make?  I know Jan requests the Quilt of Valor quilts she sends go to a Marine.  She even included fabric with 'Marines' in both quilts. 
I hope these quilts bring comfort to a wounded soldier who has given so much for us.

Vacation = Staycation = Honey Do List!

Well, Jeff has another week off and as badly as he wanted to head to Colorado, I thought we best stick around home and get a few things done.

We have been without a front deck for over two years!  Really?  Time to remedy that situation!

Day One - Tuesday

End of day one.  Jeff made remarkable progress. 

Day Two - Wednesday

Jeff also got the step made before he finished for the day.  That evening, we took a 9.4 mile bicycle ride!

Day Three - Thursday

Ran out of wood for the rest of the banister.  Guess he's off to the lumber yard tomorrow! 
This afternoon we took a bike ride on the Great Guernsey Trail.  This is a Rails to Trails Bike Path that runs from Cambridge, OH to Lore City, OH.  Total ride was 12 miles!  It was beautiful.

As you looked through these pictures, please notice how lovely my lavender plant looks.  This is the best it has looked/bloomed in years.  Jeff was very careful not to disturb it.  He's the best!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt, Poppies and Pansies

This wasn't made using a jelly roll, just a quilt put together using the jelly roll technique and my purple and green 2 1/2" strips.  I found these strips all sorted and had no idea what they were for.  I hope I never remember because they are no longer available!
I do know one fabric in this top is from 1995.  I made my daughter a quillow for our trip to Florida.  I think I will eventually quilt it with purple thread and a swirly design.
Here are a few pictures of my Oriental Poppies.  I just love them!

These only last two days and there is one in the photo that has wilted.  I am amazed by the center.

I planted a few pansies ....
and this is my first clematis bloom!

Spring has sprung in my corner of the world and I am happy it is here.  I love the winter/snowy weather, but I am always amazed when the world starts to bloom again.

Our garden is growing and the rabbits have left it alone!

Are You Kidding?

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I posted?  Man, where does time go?  I guess the old saying, "Time flys when you're having fun" is true. 
I have been having a wonderful time just 'dillydallying' along.  Thank you Mrs. Dillydally for showing me how good this is to do! 
Yes! I have been quilting.  But I also have been mowing, planting flowers, piecing a quilt top, riding my bicycle, jogging...and the list goes on!
My iris garden was beautiful and I never took a picture of them.  I was greedy and enjoyed them myself.  Now my oriental poppies are in full bloom...I'll take a picture...they are stunning and very large!

Here is the t-shirt quilt I worked on a few weeks ago.  Look at all those pins holding the top down so I can get it loaded to the quilting machine.
It is so difficult to load a quilt with a flared border.
All in all, it came out looking very nice.

This was the first of three I quilted for graduations this year.  My son's t-shirt quilt(s) are still to be quilted!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

UPDATED---Quickie Strippie Quilt

When I posted this quilt a few days ago I said I would try to get the instructions for you. 
Mary has graciously granted permission to post her link to this pattern.
Once you have reached her home page, left hand side, scroll down until you find 'Quickie-Strippie'. 
This is a great easy, fast, fun quilt to make for a donation quilt.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April UFO

I thought if I was on 2 UFO lists I would get 24 projects done this year.  Well, it has proven to be too confusing keeping it all straight so I am just working on a UFO that is on the list.  This was the UFO for April.  I do not have it completed, but it is pretty well under way.
This is the String X quilt from done in pastel colors.  I have always used brights with a dark background and wanted to try something different.  I think I am going to run out of background fabric because I have this many more to do....
Do I see a trip to Miller's Dry Goods in my future?  Yes!
I'll post a picture when I have to top completely put together.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

For most of the 31 years we have lived here, we have put a garden out.  I don't know if it saves us any money, but I like to know how my food is grown. 
The gardening bug has bitten Jeff and he has already tilled the garden and this past weekend got some of the cold weather plants out.
He has planted head lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce, onions and for the first time, kale.

I was in my sewing room taking these picture.  I love this one.  As you can see, we live next to a cemetery and behind a church.  I love the location of our house! 

Jeff looks forward to planting the garden every year.  I think he finds it a good way to reduce stress.

Jeff uses the row maker that belonged to his Dad.

In all the years we put a garden out, we never had any trouble with rabbits even though we lived so close to the cemetery.  Until last year.  Those little critters ate all my broccoli plants and a fair share of my green beans. 
Not this year Mr. Rabbit!!

Fence around the cold weather veggies.  As for you Mr. Rabbit, you better not get into Mr. Jeff's garden!

Stop and Smell.....

This ain't no rose, but it made me stop and laugh at the hurried pace in which we live. 
As I was hurrying about yesterday I had to let Gus (our dog) out.  I was getting irritated with him until I saw this dandelion growing out of the crack in the step of our deck. 

Really?  I don't think there is even any dirt under those bricks! 
This goes to prove that God has a sense of humor and we should all slow down and enjoy the simple things right in front of us.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One of Today's Quilts

I think this is one of the prettiest kids quilts!  It is so simple and quick to make using only 3 fabrics.  I'll see if I can find the pattern and post it. 
Quilted with pink thread in a loopie meander.

The second quilt of the day is a t-shirt quilt.  All I can say will be a challenge.  I'll post pictures after I get it quilted because 'quilting makes the quilt'.

From Last Week

Here are a few things I worked on last week.  It has been really hard to get back into the swing of things since returning from vacation in San Fran.  "I left my heart in San Francisco."  Anyone remember that song?

Sherri Gibson's red strip quilt on the machine. 

Just a small lap quilt.  I quilted it with parchment thread using the Simplicity pantograph.

I am offering this quilt as a class at my studio in June.  Momma Barb made one from a kit she bought at Material Girl in Dover, OH.  She doesn't like the way the zigzags go so she is making another one vertical instead.

Close up of quilting.  I used rose thread and the Here & There pantograph.

Binding was done in the dark background color.