Monday, June 4, 2012


Now that Spring has arrived, we (Jeff & I) love to have our meals on the breezeway.  We have 2 wild bird feeders, 2 finch feeders and a bird bath.  We never lack for entertainment.

For the longest time only one gold finch came to the feeder.

I guess it was family bath day.  I hope to capture a picture of one actually splashing around. 

All of this activity is set up around my flower bed.  This Columbine was just loaded with blooms this year!
Mrs. DillyDally, this one's for you!
I love Spring!  I am always amazed how everything comes back to life after the winter months. However, Winter is still my favorite season!

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  1. Thank you for the photo of flowers! They are beautiful! Mr. DillyDally and I love watching is a wonderful way to dillydally! Thanks for thinking of me!