Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where Shall I Begin?

Oh!  Let's start with pictures of my (Jeff's) garden.  We have been so busy with work schedules that our garden has suffered.  Also we have not had any rain in weeks and quite a few HOT days.  I cannot complain about the weather, I just put my air conditioners in my studio on Friday of this past week.  I just love fresh air blowing through my studio.  I have yet to install them in the house.  Wide open windows for me!

Here is the kale.  Never planted it before, never eaten it before either.  I cut a good amount today and we'll have it for dinner tomorrow.

The broccoli again this year is very leafy.  There are now heads forming among all those leaves.  I should have one or two by the end of the week.

My perennial flower garden is growing nicely.  I forget the name of this plant, but I always enjoy the pink spikes it produces each year. 

It was looking pretty sad today because I had not watered it so I gave it a healthy drink!  I could not believe how the ground around this plant had cracked.  It looked like the desert floor.  We need rain!

This boot belonged to my late Father-in-law, Dave.  
Jeff thought it would be funny to put one of his old socks in the toe which he cut too far down to plant a plant in.  This flower garden is beside my swing and both Dad & I enjoyed sitting on it.  Of course, I would want to s-w-i-n-g and he would want to sway!  Happy Father's Day!  I miss you!

My front flower garden has daffodils, iris', poppies, daylilies and....

coneflowers.  This is one of the first ones to start blooming.  As you can see, it hardly looks like a cone!  this plant is loaded with blooms and I'll post another picture later.

We love flying our American Flag all year long. 
We get hit with a lot of weather and wind, and a flag only lasts about a year. 

Here is our new flag for this year.  We try to put the new one up before Memorial Day! 
The grass looks so green there!  If I took that same picture tomorrow, you would be amazed how brown everything is. 
This is literally my little corner of the world!

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  1. Thanks for letting us visit your corner of the world! I miss gardening! I loved seeing your pics of flowers and veggies!