Friday, June 22, 2012

They're Back.....More Fun!

Thursday is quilt/sew day at Miss Carol's Quilts.  Everyone from the Saturday class arrived to finish working on their Zipppy Zippy Zig Zag quilt and the fun and laughter continued.  I offer help when needed on Thursday because that is the day I get to do some piecing.  I have several projects I am working on that need to be done in time for the next newsletter. 

Here is one project I was working on yesterday.  It is a Project Linus pattern.  I made it larger and used directional fabric.  It caused me some anguish and in the end I had to make the blocks smaller to get all I needed.  I still like it, but I hope some child will LOVE it.

Here is a block close up.

I still have to  rearrange the blocks so all the huts aren't on one side of the quilt. 

Here are the ladies busy working on trimming their quilts and making the scrappy borders.

Gladys is trimming her quilt, Gina is working on her scrappy border
Momma Barb is still working on piecing the rows together.
She was being careful not to put the wrong zig in a zag spot!

Barb is getting frustrated with her quilt but keeps sewing along.

Barb informed me her quilt will be hanging on the flannel in my studio until August. 

Of course, Gus is always with us.  He loves every person who comes through the door.  He is especially fond of Momma Barb because she kennels him for us when we go on trips.  As you can see he loves being in the air conditioned studio.

When there are more than two people in the studio, he just stays out of the way.  But if there are just two, he will lay beside your foot pedal.  He just has to be close to someone.  He is such a good friend!

Another student, Kay is working on her version of this same quilt. 

Kay used fabric from here stash.  I just love the colors!  I just want to cuddle under this one!  I am so surprised how beautiful your quilts can be by using the fabrics already on hand.

Barb is working on another quilt for her soon to be born granddaughter.

Here are the blocks & colorway.  Yes, she knows one of the pinwheels is spinning the wrong way :)

We had another fun day at the studio.  I can hardly wait until next week!! 


  1. There is nothing better than sharing a common interest with all look like you're having a wonderful time! Doing what you love...dilly dallying!

    1. I did a lot of dilly dallying today! It felt good!

  2. Love the pinwheels and the cute hut blocks!! What is the fabric with the huts and elephants?

    1. Christa, I kept the selvedge edge and will get that info to you on Monday!