Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Did Find SNOW....somewhat

Here in Ohio, we had only 12" of snow fall through the whole winter season.  What a difference a year makes when last year we had record snowfalls.  Being one who LOVES snow I found it very difficult to deal with this winter. 

Off to Colorado I flew (with hubby) to go play, ski & hike in the snow. 

Well, I was really disappointed with the amount of snow, but at least there was some!  Colorado only had 59" of snow this past winter, the least since the 1980's.  They too have had warmer than usual days and the people at Snow Mountain Ranch figured the snow would all be melted before the end of March.  How sad.

After all, snow is snow so we made the best of it.  Jeff and I bought cross country skis this past November and hadn't had a chance to use them.  While out at Snow Mountain Ranch (SMR), which in west of Winter Park in the Fraser Valley Region, we took cross country ski lessons. 

Learning and doing this is harder than it looks and boy is it a workout!
Once you learn the 1..2..3 Waltz type glide motion you are on your way!  One of the best things about cross country is the beautiful scenery you pass.  All the trails were groomed and had the groves to follow.  Every now and then you just had to stop and enjoy the view!

I did become an expert on falling and getting back up.  Our instructor was a hoot and told us to TEBOW when getting up.  Hey, it worked!

From this photo you can see all the bare places where the snow has melted.  We had a wonderful day cross country skiing, but after being on the skis from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, we were exhausted...and sore!
Wow!  What a day!.

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  1. It looks so beautiful there! I was waiting for these pictures and so glad you had a nice time. You can tell me more about it in April . . . my spring break. I'm planning a Thursday road trip.