Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday & Wednesday's Quilts

I have been busy quilting away the past few days. 

This first quilt belongs to Miller's Dry Goods and is to be displayed in the fabric shop.  The pattern is "Can't Cut It!" 
You use nice big pieces in this quilt.  I quilted it using red thread with the Clover Meadow pantograph.  I also like the fabric used on the back.
I probably would have used this fabric on the front of the quilt!  Just my opinion!
I got this quilt done on Monday and delivered it to Miller's on Tuesday.  Nice road trip!

Today I worked on a quilt for me which I will post later and I worked on this quilt for Sherri Gibson. 

These are just the strips sewn together to make the body of the quilt.  Very nice!  I quilted it with a loopie meander and included the words:  coffee, latte, perk, drip, hazelnut, cappuccino, mocha and maybe a few more.  I used Latte thread! 

All of today's photos were taken outside.  That small log pile makes a great prop!  It was about 60 degrees today, but the wind was very strong.  Guess winter is over.

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