Monday, July 29, 2013

The One We've Been Waiting For!

For the past two years we, the QBees, have wanted to go to Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH.
We finally made it!  There is no grand sign, just this one on the side of a brick building.  If you didn't have directions, you would pass it by. 

As soon as you walk in the front door, you are greeted with lots of fabric, color and samples.

This front area of the quilt shop holds the huge collection of batiks, civil war prints and most recent collections.  The batting and notions are in the area too.

This little table runner caught our eye. 

It is a quilt as you go and the giant rick rack is adorable.  Ok, it's been a long time since I've bought any patterns and was shocked it was $9.00!!  Gladys bought it anyway :)  It uses a charm pack with additional fabric for the backing.  I am looking forward to borrowing this pattern.

As you walk towards the back of the shop, you go through this little hallway that has all the books sorted by author or book title.
The lady in the black tank top is at the books.  The neutral fabrics are also in the hallway.  I was looking towards the front of the store when I took this photo.

When you step through to the back, this is what you see!!

Fabric and samples everywhere.  The fabric is sorted very nicely and makes looking for specific fabric a breeze.  This room held all the blenders, conversation prints, flannels, christmas & patriotic.  On top of the middle shelves were all the layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls. 

Up a few steps and you find more fabrics.....

There is just so much here!  You look and look and look some more.   We were able to find more Pokey Little Pupply fabrics, lots of sale fabric for backings and just fabric we liked.  I think we spent 3 hours in this shop!  Well worth the trip!  The staff was wonderful as well! 

When the big quilt show is held in Cincinnati, Fabric Shack has a huge tent sale.  I'm thinking we need to be there to experience that some day!

We were ready to head home.  We stopped for a quick ice cream treat and headed up the road. 

OH MY!  When we got back out to I-71 the traffic was backed up to the on/off ramp.  Never fear, we pulled into the first gas station, pulled out the map and then asked for directions to go around the jam.
Just a small detour and we back on I-71 headed home.

One more to go! 


  1. Holy Moley Hot Bologna! What an amazing shop! I can only imagine! When I come visit you and your QBees we may have to take a field trip there! ;-)

  2. Miss Carol, you got great pictures of Fabric Shack - I only have the one of you and Barb with the jelly roll bodies. Still have to post that. We would be so pleased to have you join us, Mrs. DillyDally! We are always up for a dilly dally field trip around Ohio.

    1. You have to post the jelly roll body picture. It is too funny!! I think I am going to start next years adventure! We may have to join Mrs.DillDally in Oregon!!!