Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Quilt Shop Columbus!
Our final quilt shop on Friday was Quilt Beginnings.
This is their Sawmill Road store.  The other shop is located on Broad Street.

Whoever designed these cup holders (probably a man), never gave any thought as to how difficult it made it  to get out of the seat.  Poor Gladys.  Does anyone see a trend here?

Coffee on the floor, coffee on Gladys.  It is a good thing I stock napkins and wipes in the vehicle.  Mess cleand up and ready to shop!

Quilt Beginnings is an authorized Pfaff dealer and have a huge display of machines.

There are samples everywhere and they all have a more modern flair.  The Broad Strret shop is more traditional.

There is an awesome selection of books and patterns!

The tread selection is very appealing! 

Classroom area is well light and roomy.

I thought I had taken more photos, but I'm sure Gladys has some she will share. 
The owner of this shop is Cathy Daum and was featured in last years Quilt Sampler Magazine.
All the employees were so friendly and helpful!  They wanted to join us too! 

Of course, but the time we were done here it was 5:00 p.m. on Friday night.  Can we say heavy traffic?
It took us a while to get through the innerbelt traffic so we could head South on I-71.  There is also a lot of construction going on that makes for bottlenecking traffic.  Once we were past the I-270 outerbelt split we were able to travel at the posted speed limit.

Our hotel for the night was at Jeffersonville, OH. 

There is a huge Tanger Outlet Mall at this exit (which we did not go to). 

Once we checked into our rooms, we needed food!! 

We dined at Werner's Barbeque, a local family owned restaurant.  I had brisket and yum, yum, yum it was good.  Almost as good as the brisket at The Salt Lick in Austin, TX.  There is a funny pictue of  Gladys & Momma Barb but I will let Gladys blog about that!

After dinner we all grabbed our hand work and sat chatting and stitching.

Barbie is working on embroidery.

Momma Barb was working on her Cathedral Windows.

Gladys and I are working on our hexies.

OK girls, it's time for a good nights rest.  We are off again in the morning to continue this adventure!


  1. How fun to stitch together in a hotel! I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed following you and your QBees on this adventure! Love it!