Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Shop Hop!

The third quilt shop we visited was The Glass Thimble on High Street in Columbus, OH

They used to have a beautiful awning here.  I wish they would replace it or maybe they should cover it in a quilt instead!

When you walk in, the vaulted ceilings offer a great display area for samples.
Momma Barb is looking over the entranceway at the samples hung there.  Off to the right of Barbie is the second half of the vaulted ceiling with more samples.

There are many areas to this quilt shop.  At one time it was two or three houses and now they are all connected.  Here are photos showing the different rooms, as well as the fabrics & pattens offered.  After coming throught the front door, you turn right going into this room.

There are many nice samples in this section of the shop.  The rest of my photos showing the other rooms weren't very good so I deleted them.  There are 3 more rooms beyond this big room.

Looking strainght through towards the back (which is really the front because you come in through an alley) you find 30 reproduction fabrics, scarlet & grey fabrics and a great selection of civil war prints.  I love the lighting in these two rooms.

There is even a place for hubby to rest and wait until your done shopping!

Here are Lorraine (r) and Kathy (l), two of the employees of The Glass Thimble.  Lorraine is a master at applique and a great person to chat with.  This was the first time I had met Kathy.  They are great assets to the shop!

I think Momma Barb photo bombed all the pictures in this shop!

An incident?............Why I almost forgot to tell you about that!!! 
We had not been in the shop too long.  Gladys was looking for specific Pokey Little Puppy fabric and Kathy showed her what they had.  Gladys came to me and asked for the keys for the van so she could get her pattern for this quilt.  I reached in my purse and then said, "I locked the keys in the van."  OK, slight panic here!!  Barbie came to our rescue because she has AAA!  Calls were made, shopping continued and by the time we were done shopping, AAA was there!

She was awesome, first try and we were in.  Totally professional and laughing right along with us.
Thank you Ron & Barbie for having AAA.  That membership just paid for itself!

Thank you AAA for sending this sweet angel. 

After all that excitement, it was time for an afternoon coffee.  Lucky for us, there is a Starbucks next door to the quilt shop.  Coffee and scones for all!!  Can you tell which blog we're reading?
See Mrs. DillyDally, you were with us!


  1. OMGosh! How cute is that! I am so touched that you involved me in your shop hop! Sew sweet! You all inspire me! Thank you!

  2. It was the best shop hop ever! Sew much fun!