Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vacation = Staycation = Honey Do List!

Well, Jeff has another week off and as badly as he wanted to head to Colorado, I thought we best stick around home and get a few things done.

We have been without a front deck for over two years!  Really?  Time to remedy that situation!

Day One - Tuesday

End of day one.  Jeff made remarkable progress. 

Day Two - Wednesday

Jeff also got the step made before he finished for the day.  That evening, we took a 9.4 mile bicycle ride!

Day Three - Thursday

Ran out of wood for the rest of the banister.  Guess he's off to the lumber yard tomorrow! 
This afternoon we took a bike ride on the Great Guernsey Trail.  This is a Rails to Trails Bike Path that runs from Cambridge, OH to Lore City, OH.  Total ride was 12 miles!  It was beautiful.

As you looked through these pictures, please notice how lovely my lavender plant looks.  This is the best it has looked/bloomed in years.  Jeff was very careful not to disturb it.  He's the best!


  1. always feels great when those "home" projects are accomplished! Another great way to dillydally!

    1. This is only one of the many projects that need done. After 30 years of weather, we had to replace the cedar siding on the front of the house last year, the garage gets a face lift this year! Hope school is out by now and spring has arrived.

  2. I agree, he is the best. Tell Jeff I think the deck looks spectacular and can't wait to see it live. The lavender is beautiful - one of my favorites.

    1. Hopefully we will have it stained before you come down. The lavender smells so good!