Monday, March 18, 2013

National Quilting Day

I had a wonderful time with the QBees on Saturday which was National Quilting Day.  Momma Barb, Gladys, Michelle, Gina & Bridget arrived at the studio about 10:00 am to start the fun!

Before they all arrived I had another surprise...I was able to talk about 20 minutes with Nathan all the way from Afghanistan.  Even though we chat online a lot, it is so good to hear his voice.  A Mom can tell by the sound of her child's voice whether everything is going well.  I am so proud of you Nathan!!

Now, back to quilting!  November 2012 was the last time all the QBees were together.  That is too long to go without seeing the QBees that live far away.  Winter played a part in that too.

As you can see, Gus is excited to see the Qbees too!

*Michelle is one of the busiest quilters I know.

She is working on Bethany Reynolds Stack-n-Whack blocks. They are beautiful!  Michelle was so excited every time she completed one and her excitement was contagious!  I love the setting she has chosen too!

This will be her next project in the same technique.  Michelle is still deciding the background color. 

*Gina is working on a quilt for her daughter's wedding.

It is made with colored bandannas and blue jeans.  Each bridesmaid will have a colored bandanna and the groom will be in jeans.  The wedding is taking place on the family farm in July.

The outer border on this quilt is lined eyelet.  Gina did a great job and I'm sure many hours of cuddling will take place under this quilt!

Gina also worked on a 'Grandma Quilt'.  You know, the one that stays at Grandma's house :)

*I only have one photo of Gladys and the second project she was working on.
Can anyone guess what quilt she is working on?  It was a recent Mystery Quilt.
You can see what other project Gladys worked on by going to her blog at  I need to get better at photographing everyone!

*Momma Barb was a piecing maniac on Saturday! 

We were laughing how she is one with the quilts.  Where's Momma Barb?

Barb has been collecting flowers for this quilt for about a year and there are 100 different flowers.  This is going to be a huge queen size quilt.  This is six of the ten rows.
There will also be a 6 inch white border to complete the quilt top.

*I had the honor of making this quilt for SFC Johnson.  He is currently serving with Nathan in Afghanistan.  Nathan received a quilt from Kirstie for Christmas that he was able to take with him.  SFC Johnson kept kidding Nathan about the quilt.  Finally Nathan asked him why he was kidding him.  SFC said, "I'm jealous."  That was all it took and Nathan asked me to make him a quilt and send it to him.   Here it is!

The pattern is called Balkan Puzzle.  I just love the effect it made setting them side by side.  I put flannel on the back as it is my favorite backing.  There you go, it is about to get HOT in Afghanistan and I'm sending a quilt with flannel backing!!  I guess he'll have to turn his air conditioning way down.  Thank You for your service SFC Johnson!!  Hooah!

*Bridget had to leave early because her children needed her.  Hopefully she'll be able to join us next time too!

Well, that was our wonderful Saturday.  The day flew by so fast and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and everyone head home.  We laughed, hugged, ate and bonded over the things that bring us closer together.  I love spending time with my QBees!  Thank you for a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Must be hard to have your son deployed. I can't imagine!! Very kind of you to make his friend a quilt. And as for Gladys...I have the very same quilt here!!

    1. It is very hard having a child in harms way. You keep the failth. I enjoy sending him care packages about once a week. Homemade cookies seem to be the most requested items. Good thing I like to bake :)
      We have had rain all day today...sure wish it was snow, but I'm sure your tired ot snow by now. We've had a pretty brown winter here in Ohio, but I am thankful for all the rain that has fallen. I don't think there will be any early planting this year.
      Stay warm!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful time you all had! Always enjoy seeing and hearing about everyone's projects! Very inspiring! Loved hearing an update on your son...his friend will be so touched by the quilt! Happy Birthday! Hugs from Alaska!