Friday, November 1, 2013

QBee Thursday

There has been a lot of piecing going on at our weekly QBee sessions!

Gladys is reading the instructions for a new project she is working on.  Doesn't she look intense?  She said she really needed to use her brain and thinking this hard made it hurt!

Kay has been piecing a beautiful scrap quilt.  Kay only stays a few hours, and confessed to me she comes for show and tell!   She is making progress with this project.  Kay celebrated her birthday on Saturday by attending a quilt show with her daughters. 

As you can see by the expression on Bridget's face, she is determined to get this piece of the quilt cut correctly.  This project has a Jim Shore panel and Bridget surrounded it with different quilt blocks.  Bridget works without a pattern and can see it in her head.  She was trying to explain an element of this quilt to me, but I couldn't see it.  She had to draw me a picture!   This is being made for a special friend.

 Here is one of the latest stash quilts I have put together.  This pattern is based on a floor of a restaurant Jeff and I ate in not too long ago.  We were looking at the floor and decided it would make a great quilt top and you would be able to use a jelly roll.  You would also be able to use your 2 1/2" scrapes!

I didn't use a jelly roll, because I found a box with the correct sized pieces!  How lucky can one girl get! In that box I also found pieces to be made into 4 patch blocks and another pieced blocked.  I could not for the life of me remember what they were there for, but there was also a very large piece of black RJR Handsprayed fabric.   Hmmm...I think this may have been.......
After I got this quilt pieced, I was digging in the box and found the name of the quilt it was supposed to be.  A Bonnie Hunter Mystery!!!  Well, I guess that one won't get made, but I have made 3 quilts out of the pieces from that box. 
I do not like purple, and had a difficult time trying to fall in love with this.  I found the setting fabric in my stash and began to like it better.  Once I got the outer borders on (also fabric from my stash) I realized it was a pretty quilt and I think a lavender thread with an allover design will make it a lovely quilt for someone. 
Gladys told me her favorite color was purple.  Is that a hint?
This is what we were up to this past week.  I have more photos of past weeks to get posted too.  I cannot believe it is the first of November already.  This year has gone by quickly. 


  1. Nice blog post. I'm glad you covered this QBee day since I forgot my camera and a few other things. I had blog hop amnesia. I do look lost in thought and noticed that my pin cushion manages to get in every picture - crazy little thing!

    1. I didn't notice the pincushion until you mentioned it. I was concentrating on getting a good photo of you. I love all three pictures.
      I've been in a fog all day today. Didn't get much sleep with that storm last night. The weather alert radio kept going off! Glad I have one though.
      Thursday is regular QBee day, and we will be meeting again on Saturday the 9th. See if Michelle can make it too!