Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They're Coming Home!

     This coming Saturday our youngest child will be getting married.  That means his brother & sister will be coming home.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have all my children under my roof!

In previous posts, you have met my daughter Amanda, and youngest son Nathan.  It was pointed out to me I had not posted anything about our oldest son Joshua except that he lives in San Marcos, TX. 

l to r:  Nathan, Amanda & Joshua

This was taken last Christmas when our gift to them was flying them home for the Holidays.  It was a wonderful time that ended way too soon.

Just The Boys!
 Joshua & Alessa live in San Marcos, TX. 

Amanda & Keegan live in San Francisco, CA.

Nathan & Kirstie, who's wedding is Saturday, live just 6 miles up the road from me in West Lafayette, OH.

Our family photo!

...and one for silliness!!

I love my family and each one has made me so proud.  I am honored to be their mom or mom-in-law!


  1. Oh...what a lovely post! Having everyone home to celebrate...life doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy and savor this time together! Hugs!

  2. How lucky are your family to have sooo much love from you. I can't wait until christmas, we will be with our son (lives in Perth) and our daughter (lives in Darwin) at our son and daughter inlaws house.

    Cheers Pauline