Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drought Conditions

Most of the Midwest is experiencing drought conditions this year.  It is so evident in the corn field across from my house.  I have lived here 31 years and have never seen it look this bad. 

This photo was taken on May 29th.  Everything is so green and growing good!  Notice my nice green yard too!
I love being able to see the corn rows.  From this stage, it is only a few days before you can no longer see the rows, only a mass of green.

These pictures were taken just a few days ago.  It just makes me sad to look across the road.

These corn stalks are usually 13 feet tall.  There is a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  I would like it to rain for 3 days! 

On a happier note....here is a picture of the first tomato out of my garden!
It is a cherry tomato and it was delicious!!!!

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  1. Ouch! I feel for those farmers...having grown up on a dairy farm, I empathize. Oh ... how I wish I could send the over abundance of rain we are receiving down to the midwest. Your tomato looks positively perfect...yummy!