Friday, December 7, 2012

No Show/Thursday Quilting

I am unable to show you the beautiful quilts I finished the other day.  I can however show you some of the quilting!
I quilted this with pink thread and used the Waterworld pantograph. 

Yesterday Momma Barb came over and finished piecing her scrappy quilt top.  I pieced this quilt earlier this year..

...and Barb loved it.  Here is her version!

She still wants to add an inner and outer border but we have to go shopping to find them!  Darn!  Barb used 2 1/2" squares from her stash. 

I have been following a mystery quilt project (not Bonnie's) and figured out the first block.  Boy!  I hope it's right!

I just love this star.  It was piecing intense, but worth it.  The setting block has quite a few options, so I'm going to wait and see what they suggest.

Bridget and Kay also made it outin the evening for sewing and friendship.  I love Thursdays!!


  1. Mysteries seem like they can be the hard way of doing things but we are suckers every time!! Looking good!

  2. I like Mamma Barb's scrappy quilt! Your mystery block star looks great! Are those little white flying geese in there? I'm getting better at making the flying geese in Bonnie's mystery quilt. I'm being ever so careful and precise!