Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First 5K of the Season

This past Saturday we opened our 5K season with the Ridgewood Elementary Rabbit Run.  This run benefits the Elementary School and the running club that was started 4 years ago.  This year there were 28 children under the age of 11 that participated and a total of 110 participants!  A great turn out!

This year I was very happy to have my daughter and son-in-law join the fun!  They both did very well.  Here we are after we got home from the event.
Amanda, Keegan, Jeff & Carol
I had Amanda take a picture of Jeff and I.  It is fun to see how we have changed year to year!
Yes, we are getting older, but I also believe we are getting better :)  I ran the 5K in 36:13 which was 3:30 minutes faster than the same run last year.  I was amazed at how much I improved.  Jeff ran in 27:08, 30 seconds faster than last year.  His goal is to break the 27:00 mark this year.  I am hoping to go under 35:00.
Not only did my children run, but so did my niece Jianna. 

Jianna's Dad (my youngest brother, Jason) ran cross country when he was in high school.  He longer no runs due to two knee surgeries.  He is there to support his daughter and in my book that is what counts.  Jianna place third in her age group, 11 and under.  I am so proud of her!
Our next run is right here in my little town on Saturday, May 3rd. 

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