Monday, January 20, 2014

QBee Saturday...continued

There is so much that goes on when the QBees get together that I can't post it all.  I sure hope Gladys of posts what she has too!

Mitzi was working on this adorable baby quilt.  It was a kit and turned out to be pretty small.  Mitzi decided to add a tumbling block border.

Mitzi also bought a new sewing machine!!

It is a Brother Project Runway.

While Barb Bond was cleaning out the attic of her mother-in-laws old farmhouse, she ran across this box.

How many of us would have just thrown it away without looking inside?  But, something told Barb to look inside.  She saw this....

but what else was in there?   Barb found hand pieced blocks!!!!  She set them with a really dark blue and I think it is beautiful!

She is going to have this hand quilted as I think it should be.  They really don't know who made the blocks, but it most likely was Ron's Grandmother as his Mother did not quilt.  The precision of the stitches and seam allowances is amazing.  I am sure whoever made these blocks is happy they have been put into a quilt top and the quilt will be treasured for years to come.

Barb also worked on a rag ladybug.  This is for her almost 2 year old granddaughter.

I have had a Rubbermaid tub full of homespun fabrics that was given to me after a dear friend passed away.  I added it up, and there have/or will be 11, yes, eleven quilts made from her fabric.  Some were rag quilts, Jeff and I have matching pieced four-patch quilts, a Scrappy Mountain Majesties and I am planning on making two more that have already been cut out. 
As I was cutting the last two quilts, I threw the scraps in a pile because I just couldn't throw them away.  OK, why not make a Crumb quilt!!!  So I did.

Here is close up of the crumb blocks.

I was able to get this quilted today.  Hopefully I'll get it bound within the next few days!
I love the days I get to spend with my QBees! 


  1. You got some great pictures! I have not taken the time to post yet, since I was working on those "mitered" corners today. It is not perfect, but it will quilt out!

  2. Oh my … you ladies are amazing! Thank you!