Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Look Who Came To Visit!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Jeff and I moved my quilting machine back over to our house.  One thing I missed when my machine was in the studio was our cat, Othello.

She came down to the lower level and made herself at home.  As you can see, Gus was with me too!  I just love those two crazy animals!!

A few years ago I was making hot pads for everyone.  I mostly used extra quilt blocks, put in two layers of Insul-brite (so they could be used either side), quilted them and bound them.  I never finished a set for me.  The other day Bev was over showing me how she was doing her hot pads.  I got out my old ones and was totally embarrassed.  I thew them away.  Finished mine and wondered why it took so long.  I guess I just needed someone to shame me into it!
Aren't they cute?  I did not put any loops on them on purpose.  Those loops always seem to end up in whatever I'm taking out of the oven.  They work great!

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  1. Happy New Year, Carol! Your cat Othello reminds me of my cat Mandy, now deceased. She was the same color and had the same eyes and face. I hope your Christmas was bright! I'm looking forward to quilting with you in the new year. ☺