Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Mariner's Compass

Do you remember the Mariner's Compass I made in April?  This will refresh your memory.

Well, my dear husband Jeff decided to make one too!  He started his compass the Sunday before our son's wedding.  My quilting books helped him draw the design he wanted.

Very carefully, using nails, string and a straight edge, he got the design on his....ceiling!

I forgot to take pictures of the different painting stages, but here is the final Mariner's Compass!

I was amazed and surprised he finished this in three days.  It looks great. He still has to finish the outer edge which will be painted the same color red as points.

What ceiling did he put this on you ask?   Well.....

....the breezeway...of course!

Jeff and I spend a lot of time on the breezeway Spring through Fall.  We love morning coffee at the bistro table while watching the birds in the back yard. 
Yep!  I love my little corner of the planet too!


  1. Tell Jeff that I could use one of those mariner compasses on my front porch . . . ☺ It looks so cool!!

  2. That is so incredibly awesome! Double Wowser! What a wonderful addition to your corner of the planet! Tell Jeff that Mr. DillyDally will never hear the end of it now! ;-)

  3. Beautiful!! I have been looking ot incorporate a compass somewhere in my landscape too. Great idea!!